Amos Floors uses the latest KoolGlide ® Pro carpet Seaming System. This system is safe and friendly to the environment. This method eliminates the problems of the 30 year old hot iron heat bond seaming method. It uses induction technology to remotely heat the tape through the carpet.

Totally Green

The traditional and still widely used method fills the room with smoke from the joining tape and excess glue residue burning on the element. This smoke is filled with irritants including Carbon Monoxide, Acetates and Acetic acid. People with breathing, allergy and heart problems should not be exposed to this smoke.

Flatter Seams

Due to the low profile of the KoolGlide® joining tape “Peaking“ or “Telegraphing” of seams are greatly reduced; it also reduces heat damage to carpet fibres and backings due to its very low heat output creating an overall more professional appearance to your carpet installation.


Amos Floors uses the Truestik range of Adhesives on all of its installations. This range has ZERO VOC (volatile organic compound). VOCs can harm humans and plants. We at Amos Floors will not expose our customers to harmful vapours or smoke during our installations! WE CARE!